Book Review: ‘Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud’ Is The Next Sunny Randall Thriller

Sunny Randall is back and in the thick of things once again in the latest novel written by Mike Lupica (his first time writing one of these) he was a longtime friend of Robert.

Sunny and her ex-husband Richie are getting close again after his divorce from his second wife. He never got over Sunny and she has never gotten over him. But with him comes his mafia family. And she gets a call one night that he’s been shot. The person that shot him didn’t try to kill him just sent a message. Richie will be fine. Sonny being a P.I. decides to investigate it even when she’s told to back off by the police and Richie’s father Desmond, the head of the family. It’s some sort of family vendetta and then Richie’s uncle is killed. Sunny is more determined than ever to figure this out. But outside forces also want her to back off and it leads to a shocking discovery and a deadly showdown where people won’t survive.

Also back for this story are best friend Spike, mafia guy Vinnie and her new adorable dog Rosie. Author Mike Lupica (known for his sports background) does an admirable job here on his first novel for the Parker estate. This is the first new Sunny book since 2007 and Mike has a great handle on the characters and the story and the city of Boston and it’s suburbs, where the story takes place. The future of the series is in great hands.

You can pick up Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud in stores on Tuesday, November 27th, from Putnam

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