Book Review: ‘River Of Secrets’ Is The Next Exciting Wallace Hartman Thriller

Roger Johns follows up last year’s Dark River Rising with the next thrilling chapter of Detective Wallace Hartman with River Of Secrets. Wallace is in the middle of a storm when a big time murder takes place.

A Baton Rouge congressman is found murdered in his home. He has been a controversial lawmaker and has had many enemies over the years. Detective Wallace Hartman is on the case with her new partner (who she is not crazy about). The evidence points to political activist Eddie Pitkin. He’s soon arrested and it cause an uproar in the community. He also happens to be the the half-brother of Wallaces’s childhood best friend and he swears Eddie is innocent and tells her where he was at the time of the murder (although there’s no proof at the time to verify it). Wallace has a hunch and decides to keep investigating to make sure they have the right person.

The more digging she does the more problems it creates. Her bosses and the Mayor want this case wrapped up. People see she is digging and want her to stop. Leaks to the press are hurting the case. Her family is not safe. Soon Wallace figures and it leads to a climatic showdown.

With a great character in Detective Wallace Hartman and a story that is topical in today’s society, the second novel in this series shines with a compelling mystery.

You can pick up River Of Secrets in stores on Tuesday, August 28 from Minotaur Books.

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