Book Review: ‘Reputation’ By Sara Shepard

Author Sara Shepard, who wrote the Pretty Little Liars series, is back with her newest, twisty, fun novel titled Reputation. A small college town is the setting for this novel featuring the people who live there, who all have secrets and when a shocking murder takes place, it looks like it could be anyone of them who might have down.

A massive hack has taken over Aldrich University and other big named Colleges. People’s e-mails and personal info has been posted on the web and it makes for interesting reading. For Dr. Greg Strasser it leads to some really dirty e-mails found and it embarrasses him, his wife Kit and her two daughters. One night while a gala is going on Greg is murdered and now the hunt is on to find the killer.

Kit’s sister Willa, a reporter, comes for support and then starts to investigate the murder and what Greg was into and with who. We follow a variety of characters from their points of views and learn their secrets, the affairs, the blackmailing and the shocking truth of killed Greg and why.

If you’re a fan of the Pretty Little Liars series, this book is perfect for you. Even if you aren’t it’s a fun story full of twists and turns that engages the reader right from the beginning to the shocking reveal. Think of it as a twisty soap like Dynasty and Dallas and enjoy the ride!

You can pick up Reputation in stores on Tuesday, December 3rd from Dutton.

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