Book Review: ‘Red Hands: A Ben Walker Novel’ By Christopher Golden

Author Christopher Golden is back with his third novel featuring his awesome character of Dr. Ben Walker in anothe chilling story that equals the previous novels with this character. Ben must once again save the world from a mysterious force. A thrilling story that starts off strong and never lets up right till the very end.

It’s the 4th of July in Jericho Falls, N.H. and most folks are out for the annual parade and that includes the Sinclair family. But something isn’t right. A loud car is heard and soon it’s heading right for the parade and barrels through hitting people. The car crashes and the man inside gets out. And as he touches people they die. For Maeve Sinclair she manages to subdue him but her life will never be the same. When he dies whatever he had transfers to her. And then mysterious government people show up and take over the scene. Maeve takes off knowing she can’t touch anyone. She heads for the woods to try and figure out her next move.

Ben Walker is at home and ready to spend some quality time with his 13 year old son when his phone rings. It’s his new boss with word that he’s need right now. He has been assisgned to find Maeve and bring her in before anyone else does. And to try and bring her in alive. It soon turns into a race to find her between agencies, Maeve’s family and Ben. And then things take a shocking turn and Ben puts his own life on the line to try and end whatever this mysterious plague is.

You can pick up Red Hands in stores on Tuesday, December 8th from St. Martin’s Press.

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