Book Review: ‘Raft Of Stars: A Novel’ By Andrew J. Graff

Raft Of Stars is great! A character driven story that delivers well-written characters and heart-stopping action, that keeps the reader on the edge of your seat. A great way to kick off spring.

The summer of 1994 will change the lives of two ten year old boys and the people around them, in a small Wisconisn town. Fish and Bread have a lot in common. Fish has a missing father and Bread has an abusive father. And then things suddenly change when a gun goes off at Bread’s house and his father goes down. The boys know they’re in trouble and take off. The go on the run to the woods and use the skills they’ve learned over the years. The build a raft and take off down the river. Soon the sheriff, Bread’s Grandfather, Fish’s mother and Tiffany are on their tale trying to track them down and stop them from fleeing. It turns into an adventure that will test their lives and change them forever.

Raft Of Stars is in stores on Tuesday, March 23rd from Ecco/Harper Collins.

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