Book Review: ‘Providence: A Novel’ Is A Thrilling Alien Story By Max Berry

A thrilling novel set in space as 4 people aboard the newly built Providence 5 set out on a four year mission to kill and try and destroy the Salamders, who have destroyed a research vehicle in space.

It’s been seven years since that attack and now a ship with A1 control has been built and ready to launch. For Gilly, Anders, Talia and Jackson, it means four years in space with no guarantee of return. They’re basically there to make sure the ship is okay. The ship does everything needed to be done. They encounter the enemy and each time they’re able to kill them. Sometimes thousands at a time.

But space can become weary on them. Anders starts to become distant and unruly. And little things happen on the ship that worry the captain. The Salamanders are able to adapt to the ship and constantly challenge it. And then it all goes to hell and the future of the ship and the four people on it are in jeopardy with no obvious way to survive.

Just a thrilling story right from the beginning. If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi this book will be perfect for you. It’s a book that grabs you right from the beginning and you just don’t want to put it down.

You can pick up Providence in stores on Tuesday, March 31st from Putnam.

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