Book Review: ‘A Perilous Undertaking’ Has One Of The Best Characters In Years

One of the best female characters I have read in years is upon us. Her name is Veronica Speedwell. She’s brash, sassy, sexual and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. In London 1887 this is not how women are suppose to act. But Veronica is an exception.

Deanna Raybourn is back with her second novel with the character. A Perilous Undertaking (Berkley Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, January 10th). Since I didn’t read the first book, this is my first time reading her and I cannot wait for more!

I woman with child has been murdered and her married lover has been arrested and found guilty of the crime. He has not put up any defense and is scheduled to be hanged. Called to look into the case is Veronica. She’s always up for an adventure and this is up her alley. With her trusted friend and sidekick Stoker they begin investigating.

They know they are on the right track when they get threatening notes telling them to back off. The more they investigate, the more secrets they uncover, leading to a shocking discovery that puts their lives in danger.

Along the way we learn more about Stoker’s life and Veronica’s back story is also re-introduced for the reader. And let me say even though it’s a book, there’s some real sexual tension between Veronica and Stoker. They have not been together but in future books I have to wonder if it will be too much for them!

A Perilous Undertaking is going to be for me one of my favorite books of the year. If I get some time I want to go back and read the first one. I am looking forward to many more books with my new favorite character Veronica Speedwell.

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