Book Review: ‘Paw Of The Jungle’ Is The Next Fun Paw Enforcement Novel

Officer Megan Lutz and her K-9 partner Brigit are back for their eight book. They both work for the Ft. Worth police department. It’s getting close to the Christmas Holiday and this is when things usually get a bit busy. But right now things are kind of quiet. A woman claims her wedding and engagement rings were stolen from her bathroom by her plumber. Megan finds no evidence he took them.

Meanwhile The Poacher has gotten out of prison after 18 months (for petty theft) and is trying to get a job at the zoo. He’s reluctantly hired as a janitor. He also goes to his girlfriend and mother of his 3 kids trying to reconcile. He’s promised he would stay on the straight and narrow. When a couple of birds go missing from the Zoo he’s fired as it is thought he left the cage open when cleaning it. Megan and Brigit happen to be at the zoo at the time and feel bad for him. Then more animals go missing from the zoo. And more women are losing their rings.

Megan is helping to investigate both and each case seems to have a dead end. That’s until she figures out the ring robberies and Brigit helps to capture the person responsible. The zoo capers is a bit harder. They start to get some leads and finally are able to crack the case.

Meanwhile in Megan’s personal life her relationship with firefighter Seth is going good. She gets a bit jealous when she meets the hot new paramedic and soon figures out she has the hots for Seth. He’s not interested and then makes a big commitment to Meghan.

And of course their is Brigit the dog who loves everyone especially Seth’s dog. And the fun part of the book is not only do we see things from Megan and The Poacher’s points of vies but we also get to see what Brigit is thinking. And this is a lot of fun with some LOL moments.

These books are a lot of fun if you’ve never read one. And who doesn’t love an animal that you can hear her thoughts and what she thinks of her surroundings. And with big doings for Megan and Seth the next few books are something I am looking forward to.

You can pick up Paw Of The Jungle in stores on Tuesday, November 26th from Minotaur Books.

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