Book Review: ‘Out Now: Queer We Go Again!’

17 writers contribute to this book of short stories about young people that are gay, coming out and just figuring out their sexuality. It’s always hard to review a book of short stories that are all different and unique in their own way.

My favorite story was What Happens in the Closer by Caleb Roehrig. It’s a vampire story set in a small town on the night of a high school dance. A swarm of hungry vampires show up and chaos ensues and a romance is born in a small closet, as two young men try to survive the onslaught. It’s got its moments of hilarity and is also touching in ways.

The whole book is well written and well edited by Saundra Mitchell. For any young person that is struggling with yourself over your sexuality this book will help you out.

You can pick up Out Now: Queer We Go Again! in stores on Tuesday, May 26th from Inkyard Press.

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