Book Review: ‘One Last Lie’ Is The Next Thrilling Mike Bowditch Novel

‘Never Trust A Man Without Secrets’ says Charlie Stevens, a retired Maine game warden. And now he is missing. Just took off in the early morning without a word. And now Mike Bowditch has been called by Charlie’s wife Ora, who is worried about him. Charlie has been like a dad to Mike and he takes time off from work and goes after him. He finds a letter addressed to him and it says don’t come looking for me. Something from his past has resurfaced and Charlie has to deal with it once and for all.

Mike follows whatever leads he can come up with and it takes him north toward the Canadian border, to talk to people that knew Charlie and he soon learns about something that happened 15 years ago and Mike things this is what Charlie is dealing with. The more he learns, the more he worries about Charlie. And Mike’s probing puts his own life in danger and it leads to a murder and to the past rearing it’s ugly head and to a dramatic showdown.

And if that’s not enough Mike’s personal life is crumbling. His girlfriend Dani is sick and he can’t go be with her right away. And his ex Stacey is back in town.

Another exciting novel featuring the awesome character of Mike Bowditch. This is the 11th novel with the character and second one I have read. The story is all action and has twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged throughout the story.

You can pick up One Last Lie in stores now form Minotaur Books.

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