Book Review: ‘Oaths Of Legacy: Book Two Of The Bloodright Trilogy’ By Emily Skrutskie

Usually the second book in a trilogy is used to set up the final part of the story and isn’t as good as the first book or what the last book in the series will be. Oaths Of Legacy is a very good second part to the story, with lots of action, conflicting feelings and a shocking ending, that sets up the final book perfectly and I cannot wait for it. After the events of the first book, Gal is being held in prison while Ettian rules the Archon Empire. He’s not being treated badly at all, with the exception of people trying to kill him. He’s working on plans to escape and get back to Umber, where he will take his rightful place as ruler. There’s still a strong, sexual pull between Gal and Ettian, but he can’t let that stop what he needs to do. Then there’s Wen, who is now guarding him and who he thinks might be able to help him escape, but she’s loyal to Ettian and Archon. When Gal convinces Ettian to go to the front and see the war close up, everything changes in a heartbeat, there’s a revelation for one character and a betrayal by another, that sets up the final novel to be a thrilling read.

If you haven’t read the first book there’s enough information to understand what’s going on here (but I would get the first one and start from the beginning) and then wait for the final book sometime next year.

You can pick up Oath’s Of Legacy in stores on Tuesday, September 14th from Del Rey.

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