Book Review: ‘Nothing Ventured’ Is A Great Start To The Detective William Warwick Series By Jeffrey Archer

Fresh off of last years awesome book Heads You Win, best-selling author Jeffrey Archer is back with the start of a new series featuring William Warwick, from the Harry Clifton novels. The first novel is title Nothing Ventured. According to Jeffrey in the beginning of the book this was becuase of fan requests for the character.

Young William Warwick has wanted to be a detective since he was eight years old. His powerful lawyer dad Sir Julian Warwick QC has wanted him to follow in his steps. William has not wanted to and it has caused some friction with his dad. Him mom stepped in and said to let him do what he wants to do. He becomes a cop and is paired with a veteran partner Constable Fred Yates. He could try and fast track his career but decides not to. He is on probation for two years. After he takes the detective exam, he’s summoned to Scotland Yard and told he had the highest score and when he notices something about a painting (he is an art expert), he is offered a position at Scotland Yard on the arts and antiques division.

He is assigned to help find a stolen Rembrandt from the Fitzmolean Museum where he meets Beth, who he will fall in love with (who has a secret). He soon is on the tale of Miles Faulkner and his lawyer Booth Watson. He meets with the wife of Miles, Christina, and learns she’s had it with her husband and is planning a heist of his paintings and teams with William to return the painting.

This leads to the painting being returned, an arrest and a trial of Miles. Also William learns the secret that Beth is keeping, her father is in prison for murder, but she believes he is innocent. William gets his father and sister Grace (who is also a lawyer) to look at the case and they decide to appeal it.

In an awesome bit of writing, author Jeffrey Archer writes both trials, which are going on at the same time, in alternating paragraphs. We are able to follow both cases in real time as well as the verdicts. And the book ends with a cliffhanger that will lead into future books.

In the beginning of the book Archer details how the series will go as we will follow William on his journey. You don’t often see that in the beginning of a series. I never read the Harry Clifton series, so this is all new to me. All I know is this book is great, the character of William, his dad and his job, this series is in great hands. I for one look forward to more William Warwick books!

You can pick up Nothing Ventured in stores now.

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