Book Review: ‘Nothing To See Here: A Novel’ By Kevin Wilson

Two friends that met at boarding school and then drifted away after something happened are reunited in a way that will forever change their lives.

Lillian and Madison became best friends at boarding school until Lillian took the fall for something that Madison did. Now years later Lillian is living in the attic at her mother’s house, working two jobs at supermarkets and smoking a lot of pot. Madison has married a Senator, has a young son and lives the high live. She contacts Lillian asking her to visit and tells her she has a job for her. Lillian drops everything and goes to see Madison. She wants Lillian to be a Governess/Nanny to the two children Bessie and Roland, from her husband’s previous marriage. He is up for Secretary Of State and they need to integrate the kids slowly into Madison’s world.

But there’s a catch with the children. The children when they get upset spontaneously combust into flames. No harm comes to the kids, but their clothes burn up and anything around them can go up in flames. No one knows why this happens. They recently lost their mother and have been living with the horrible grandparents with little contact with their father. It would be Lillian’s job to watch them for the summer, at the guesthouse on Madison’s estate.

They kids are not sure about all this but don’t have much of a choice. They soon grow to like Lillian as does she with them, which surprises her because she has never been much of a kid person. She works with them to trust her, to try and control their tempers and fire experiences. As things start to change she may be taken away from the kids but will fight like hell to be with them.

The premise is a little far-fetched but the story if awesome. It’s about family, love and digging inside yourself and realizing you can love and care about others. You root for Lillian and the kids big-time here to be able to be together and trust each other. Author Kevin Wilson reels you in and never lets you go.

You can pick up Nothing To See Here in stores on Tuesday, October 29th from Ecco (Harper Collins).

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