Book Review: ‘Never Never: A Novel’ By Colleen Hoover And Tarryn Fisher

Put together two awesome writers on their own, and you get one of the best books of the year. This has everything you want in a well-written, engaging book, that you will not want to put down. Charlie Wynwood, and Silas Nash, both in high school, have been friends since they were little. A few years ago it became more than that, and they’re in love, or so they think they are. When they both wake up this morning, their memories have been wiped clean, and they have no idea who they are, or who anyone else is. They discover each other, and soon learn they are a couple, or were a couple, and try to figure out what has happened. This keeps happening every 48 hours, but luckily they figure this out, and leave notes so when they wake up they can understand what has been happening. They need to work together to figure out how to break this cycle once and for all, and it means having to fall in love all over again.

You can pick up Never Never in stores on Tuesday, February 28th from Canary Street Press.

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