Book Review: ‘My Wife Is Missing: A Novel’ By D.J. Palmer

Michael Hart and his wife Natalie are in New York City with the their two children on vacation. Michael goes to get pizza and when he returns to the hotel room his wife and kids are gone, all their stuff packed up. Natalie has been having insomnia issues for months now and there’s been tension in the marriage. He thinks maybe they went back to Boston, until he calls the police and they see footage of her leaving with the kids in a car and think she just left him. The police can’t do anything. We soon learn Natalie planned everything and why, she thinks her husband has been having an affair, has killed his mistress and learns about his shocking past, he’s not who he says he is. The chase is on to find her and when they do shocking twists and turns take place at a rapid pace. Not everyone is who they say they are and just who is the murderer? Another great D.J. Palmer thriller novel, with lots of twists. A perfect book to kick off your Memorial Day weekend reading.

You can pick up My Wife Is Missing in stores on Tuesday, May 10th from St. Martin’s Press.

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