Book Review: ‘My Ride Or Die: A Novel’ By Leslie Cohen

Two lifelong friends decide that they’ve had it with men, love and romance so they enter into a pact with each other. Amanda and Sophie decide they will live together, still date men but not fall in love or become overly involved. They’ll be there for each other in a non-sexual way. They find a place that needs to be fixed up and move in. Amanda gets a new job as a US attorney and Sophie is working hard on her artwork. Amanda hooks up with a childhood friend named Nick and they become serious and now she has to find a way to break it to Sophie about her new relationship. She also has explaining to do to Nick, who she’s not been totally honest with. It all blows up in her face and she may lose her best friend and man.

A solid novel of female friendship and two women being there for each other and not relying on a man for comfort. You can pick up My Ride Or Die in stores on Tuesday, April 23rd from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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