Book Review: ‘Murder From Scratch’ Is The Next Fun Sally Solari Mystery

Sally Solari is back for her fourth adventure and this time it involves family that she wasn’t really familiar with. She is now the owner of Gauguin restaurant. It is a lot of work to own it and deal with everything. Then her father tells her that her cousin Evelyn, who is blind, just lost her mother to a drug overdose and needs someplace to stay. Because she has a dog she can’t stay with Sally’s dad. So Sally takes her in and finds her to be a delightful person. She doesn’t let her blindness affect her life.

But her mother’s death is a question mark. Evelyn says things don’t add up and Sally is soon on the case investigating with Evelyn. It leads her to her own world, that of restaurants. She has suspects that use to work for her mother or with her mother that have reasons to want to see her dead. The more she investigates the closer she gets to the truth and is threatened to back off. It leads to a climatic ending that could end it for Sally.

My first time reading one of the Sally books and it is really enjoyable. Fun interesting characters and an easy to read mystery that is fun. Look forward to the next adventure from author Leslie Karst.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, April 9 from Crooked Land.

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