Book Review: ‘Murder At Hotel 1911’ Is A Good Start To The Ivy Nichols Series

Ivy Nichols works the front desk at the Hotel 1911. It’s a small hotel that use to be a house that was owned by her family. Ivyu is 28 and still lives with her father. Her mother left when she was a little girl. Her dad doesn’t know that she works at the hotel that she wants to know more about because of her family ties.

She has to put up with a lot working the front desk. And on this night there’s Ms. Swain, who’s complaining about the room she was assigned. She also wants to make sure George the cook is fully aware of the fact that she’s allergic to shellfish of any kind. She’s a very annoying woman. When Ms. Swain dies at dinner it’s believed to be because of shellfish. George has been very careful to make sure her meal was prepared away from anything with fish.

George is the prime suspect and it looks like he will be arrested for her death. Ivy cannot stand for this and decides to play Nancy Drew and figure out who is responsible for the death. At times it puts her into harms way and she soon finds herself in a deadly situation.

A great start to this series. Ivy is a refreshing character(as are the supporting characters around her) and there’s a lot to learn about her and the hotel in future books.

You can pick up Murder At The Hotel 1911 in stores on Tuesday, September 8th from Crooked Lane.

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