Book Review: ‘Mermaid Confidential: A Serge Storms Novel’ By Tim Dorsey

The 25th novel in the Serge Storms series is freaking good. Author Tim Dorsey has really upped his game with this one. So many funny moments with Serge and Coleman will have you laughing out loud a lot. And of course their unique way of living their lives is like no others in any books. Serge and Coleman are on the Florida Keys and Serge decides it’s time to settle down for a bit. He buys a condo to live in and then goes to K-Mart to buy cleaning supplies (so funny) and other things. He becomes friends with his neighbors and eats with them and plays board games. He also helps them out in times of need. There’s a side story with a drug cartel and a group of killers from New Hampshire on the way to the Keys looking for a treasure. Serge becomes involved in both stories and in his own way helps to bring them down (hint it involves febreeze). If you’ve never read one of these books before jump on in. It’s not necessary to have any previous books.

You can pick up Mermaid Confidential in stores now from William Morrow.

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