Book Review: ‘Lucy On The Wild Side: A Novel’ By Kerry Rea

The follow-up to the great debut novel of Kerry Rea, The Wedding Ringer, is great second novel (and you can find a blurb about her first book from us at the begging of the novel.) Lucy Rourke is a zookeeper, something she wanted to do since she was a kid and she’s back living with her Grandmother, after being dumped by her boyfriend. She get exciting news that the zoo will be featured on the TV show On The Wild Side With Kai Bridges, she’s a big fan of Kai’s mother and has read her book a lot. When she first meets Kai, she thinks he’s a jerk and then she talks about him, not knowing he’s right behind her. And then she learns she will be working with him on the show. Like all good rom-coms they spend time together and fall for each other. The question is can they but their pasts behind them and be together? Being set at the zoo plays in great here and these characters have great chemistry, some lol moments and a story you will want to follow along with. Fans of rom-coms will not be disappointed.

You can pick up Lucy On The Wild Side in stores on Tuesday, September 13th from Berkley.

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