Book Review: ‘Losing You: A Novel’ By Nicci French

Nina Landry is celebrating her 40th birthday and the Christmas holiday by taking her two kids 15 year old Charlie, her son Jackson and her boyfriend to Florida for a trip. There to leave from London this afternoon. She is busy making last minute preparations and waiting for Charlie to come home from an overnight stay over with her friends. And then a whole bunch of people show up at her house for a surprise party for Nina arraigned by Charlie.

Still no Charlie though. And not one seems to know where she is. She left to do her paper route that morning and that was the last anyone has seen of her. Nina is now freaking out and calls the police. They think it is just Charlie being a teenager and can’t really do much. Nina starts investigating on her own talking to her friends, the people on her paper route and even her ex-husband. She finds out things that she never knew before. She also finds things missing from Charlie’s bedroom and then finds her bike in the bushes along her paper route.

The police now have called in reinforcements and are questioning everyone. Nina is not giving up and continues to look on her own. The more she digs, she finds out things and also finds a dead body in the water. The police are not happy about her investigating on her own but she keeps going until she makes a shocking discovery and figures out who took Charlie and tries to save her and herself before it is too late.

This is a thrilling story that starts off strong and never lets up. A mother’s fierce determination to find her daughter at all costs. Never under estimate the love of a mother for her child. With lots of twists and turns, the reader is never let down.

You can pick up Losing You in stores on Tuesday, January 28th from William Morrow.

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