Book Review: ‘Look Alive Twenty-Five’ Is The Next Fun Stephanie Plum Mystery

My love for Janet Evanovich and her novels grow with each new one release. Her newest Stephanie Plum mystery is another great one in the series. They are well written with one of the best characters in any book ever. The character of Lula (an ex-hoe with big breasts and booty, who loves fried chicken and all food) is just awesome and you will laugh your butt off reading her adventures and things that she says (kudos to Janet for how well written she is).

Stephanie works for as a bounty hunter for Vinnie bring criminals in that have skipped court cases and getting them re-bonded. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it is almost deadly for her. She has her trusted sidekick Lula with her. She is dating a cop Morelli and also has Ranger (an occasional fling and protector of her). It’s a complicated relationship. Vinnie’s boss has gotten a run down deli as part of a bond settlement and Stephanie and Lula are now assigned to work there as well. Neither has any experience running a deli. The staff there is an interesting group. Lula is happy about it because she gets free food! She starts working the sandwich line and lets say it’s hysterical. They also find out the few managers (Lula thinks aliens) have disappeared when taking the trash out, without only one shoe being left behind.

They decide with Ranger’s help to set a trap to find out who has been taking these people. Soon Ranger is working at the deli and it ties into another case Stephanie is working on. Will she be the next one taken? It all comes down to a fun, climatic ending involving burritos. Yes you read that right.

If you’ve never read on of these Stephanie Plum mysteries hop right in. They are so much fun and you don’t have to worry about missing the first 24. They are all self-contained and Janet gives enough backstory so you know who is who and what’s going on. May I also suggest from Janet is her series Fox and O’Hare.

You can pick up Look Alive Twenty-Five in stores now from Putnam.

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