Book Review: ‘Little Wonders: A Novel’ By Kate Rorick

Quinn Barrett is trying to do it all. Make partner at her job, take care of her young son Hamilton, keep her husband happy and be the president of the Little Wonders Parent’s Association. She has a lot on her plate. It’s time for the annual Halloween Parade and costume party. She has made a spaceship costume for Hamilton that he wanted. The day of the event at the school as the parade is about to begin, Hamilton doesn’t want to wear it. He throws a fit and Quinn loses it. She starts yelling and stomps on the costume in frustration. And of course it is caught on tape by Daisy. She has no plans to release it and sends it to friends in California, who upload it.

Daisy is mad about this and Quinn is embarrassed and it causes a snowball effect on her life. She ends up resigning from the Parent’s Association, is put on office duty at work and her husband is embarrassed (he’s a doctor). It dies down eventually until she is caught at the New Year’s Eve ball she has set up yelling at some young kids who are smoking pot. This goes viral and once again she’s the talk of the town. But this time she is applauded.

She soon becomes friends with Daisy, who is now on the board for the school and helping to set up the events. Quinn offers to help her out and they become fast friends. Quinn soon learns a shocking thing about her husband and then learns that Daisy was the one that got the tape uploaded (indirectly) and has to decide what she will do. Will she forgive her? Can Quinn come back from these humiliations?

A great novel set in the world of preschool that could be any school in the country. You always have to be aware of phones and big brother watching over you. A great premises with well-written characters make this an enjoyable read.

You can pick up Little Wonders in stores on Tuesday, Marcy 17th from William Morrow.

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