Book Review: ‘Little Darlings’ Is A Good Debut Novel Asking The Question Whose Twins Are They?

Little Darlings is the debut novel from author Melanie Golding and has already had the film rights snatched up. Lauren Tranter has just given birth to twins. It was a rough delivery and everyone is fine. The twins boys are named Morgan and Riley. While in the hospital at night Lauren hears another patient next to her and hears her singing rather loudly. She asks her to quiet down so she doesn’t wake the twins. The woman tells Lauren she wants her twins and will replace them with her twins. Lauren calls the police and there is no evidence of this woman at all. It is just presumed it was because of giving birth and medication.

Lauren takes the kids home and is afraid to leave the house. Patrick her husband isn’t being much help at home with the kids. Then one night Lauren thinks she sees the woman outside her house. Again no sign of her. Lauren finally leaves the house to meet up with some other friends who have kids at a park. When she falls asleep for a few minutes her kids are missing. The police are called and they find the kids with a woman near the lake. When Lauren sees the kids she says they are not hers but the other woman’s children. Lauren is put in a psych ward for evaluation.

When a reporter and a cop team up to try and find out what’s going on they find something from many years ago that could affect what’s going on with Lauren. And Lauren risks all for her kids. It leads to a stunning climax and just who are her twins.

A suspenseful thriller that is part fairy-tale, part gothic and some interesting twists you will not see coming. A solid debut novel that I am interested in seeing how it becomes a movie and who will be cast in the lead roles.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Crooked Lane.

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