Book Review: ‘Lies My Memory Told Me: A Novel’ By Sacha Wunsch

A solid debut novel from new author Sacha Wunsch, is a high-tech thriller with lots of twists and turns that keep the reader engaged from the very beginning. Nova’s parents have invented something called Enhance Memory (EM) and it’s all the rage. Just about everyone is doing it. You can share other people’s memories and feel like you are there. You want to jump out of a plane, go skiing, see China, it’s all available via your memory player and a disc. Nova enjoys doing it as well but as the days go by her parents are more addicted to it and forgetting everything else. Nova one night meets Kade who thinks he knows her and calls her Harlow. Kade says there’s a lot more to this and seems to be in hiding. When he learns about Nova’s parents he freaks and won’t see her anymore. But he does and she learns a shocking secret about herself and EM. Then Kade vanishes and Nova starts to figure out things and makes a brave attempt to try and find Kade and save him. It’s a dangerous plan that could end them or give them all the answers they are trying to find and for Nova it will change her life forever.

You can pick up Lies My Memory Told Me in stores on Tuesday, October 19th from Inkyard Press.

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