Book Review: ‘Killer View: A Kendra Michaels/Jesse Mercado Novel’ By Roy Johansen

Author Roy Johansen has written his first stand-alone novel in the Kendra Michaels/Jesse Mercado series, taking over for his mother Iris, who he has co-written books with. It’s a great re-intoduction to Jesse Mercado, who is usually a sidekick to Kendra. This time it’s in reverse. Jesse is the feature and Kendra is sidekick, not apperearing in as much of the book as normal. Kendra gets Jesse a case with someone she knows named Owen. His partner Carl has gone missing and wants Jesse to find him. She takes the case but feels Owen is being straight with her. Along with her Hollywood A-List friend/lover Brice, who stars in Marvel movies and can kick some ass, they follow leads and Jesse is getting herself into trouble. Someone doesn’t want Jesse to find Carl and it leads her into trouble and being taken and it’s up to Brice, Kendra and a squad of beefy men to save her (even though Jesse can handle herself). Roy does a great job writing this novel, with plenty of action and some LOL moments throughout the novel. Whatever the future is of this series of characters, it’s in good hands.

You can pick up Killer View in stores now.

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