Book Review: ‘Journey Of The Pharaohs’ Is The Next Thrilling Numa Files Novel

Kurt Austin and Joe Savala of Numa are in Scotland on vacation and doing some treasure hunting. Of course where these two go trouble seems to follow. Once again they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. A hurricane has hit and they notice a ship in the harbor about to sink. They race out and help rescue the crew. But something doesn’t seem right when one passenger doesn’t make it. Soon they are in a shootout at the bar they’re at and meet an MI5 agent and end up being recruited to help with a mission.

There’s a dangerous gang called the Bloodhound Group that’s stealing and selling ancient relics around the world. This time they’re after an ancient Pharaoh’s goods from the year 1074 B.C. Mysterious stones were on a plane that crashed in 1927 that lead to where the treasure is hiding. Numerous run ins with the bad guys and trips to London, France, Spain and back to the United States and Kurt and Joe are lucky to be alive. It leads to a final showdown on American soil, where the treasure is hidden and a dramatic showdown ensues, where a lot of people will die.

As I say with every Clive Cussler book I read, there’s no one better at writing these continuing series than Clive. He has five different series out every year and each book seems to top the last. That’s the mark of a great writer and Clive never disappoints. NEVER!

You can pick up Journey Of The Pharaohs (book number 17) in stores on Tuesday, March 10th from Putnam.

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