Book Review: ‘In Case Of Emergency: A Novel’ By E.G. Scott

A woman’s past comes back to haunt her and it may turn out that she’s a killer.

Charlotte’s life is in a state of chaos. Her business with her best friend Rachel is not going well. Her boyfriend Peter is always working and she barely gets to talk to him. Something bad happened years ago during her medical residence and now it seems to be back to haunt her.

When a body is found murdered Charlotte’s name is found on her as a contact. When the police arrive she says she’s never met this woman and has no idea who she is. She soon learns her connection to the woman and it has to do with her past. She becomes a person of interest and then another shocking murder takes place and Rachel is arrested. Is she being set up or is she a murder?

A solid thriller with great characters, especially the two police detectives Wolcott and Silvestri (I would love more adventures with these two). A few well timed twists and turns and a great climax finish to the story makes it a good end of summer read.

You can pick up In Case Of Emergency in stores on Tuesday, August 4th from Dutton.

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