Book Review: ‘How Hard Can It Be?’ Is Riotously Funny

Kate Reddy is back! The follow-up to the international bestseller ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It,’ the novel that defined modern life for women everywhere. This time she’s juggling teenagers, aging parents and getting back into the workplace, and every page will have you laughing and thinking: It’s not just me.

There are certain days when we wake up and wish we hadn’t and nights when the dark seems to go on for eternity. You can’t stop the maternal clock and the dreams of what might have been, and the oncoming mystical age of fifty coming at you like a freight train.

Say hello to Kate Reddy, our intrepid heroine of a book that should be compulsive reading for women of all ages and men with a certain sense of humor. Speaking of humor, author Allison Pearson has it in unending masses, I had to stop reading in public because of the outbreak of unstoppable giggles coming out of me.

Kate’s husband Richard suddenly goes earthy, becomes vegan, exercises regularly with outbursts of “where’s my bike?” and back to college he goes. He is a total pain in the ass. Her children, Emily, is at that certain age and Ben is growing up too fast. It seems like Kate has to go back to work to support family and hearth.

The book revolves around Kate returning to the workforce, junior status, to all the 20-year-olds. She has a wonderful take on financial life and walks a fine line with a lot of humor. Add a plethora of great women and men to the mix and don’t forget in-laws, outlaws, forgotten princes and their white horses and you have a terrific book which is very well-written. Her insights are wonderful, sad, and makes reading her an adventure. She should be added to the O.T. Books under wisdom a la Kate!

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Ann McDonald

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