Book Review: ‘Her Dying Day: A Novel’ By Mindy Carlson

June Matherson is a student at New York Film school and it’s time for her thesis to be filmed. She decides to do a documentary looking at the mysterious disappearance of her favorite author, award winning Greer Larkin some 20 years ago. June gets in touch with best friend, her agent and her mother. The main supect seems to be Greer’s former fiance Jonathan Vanderpoole, who seemed to control Greer. But June isn’t so sure it was him and continues to investigate, even though someone doesn’t want her to look into Greer’s life. There’s also back story on June and her life living in a commune growing up and her affair with her adviser. If you’re a fan of quicky characters and mysteries and twists, this book will appeal to you. A solid debut novel and someone to look forward to reading more from.

You can pick up Her Dying Day in stores on Tuesday, June 7th from Crooked Lane.

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