Book Review: ‘Hems & Homicide’ The First Fun Book In The New Apron Shop Mystery Series

Nothing I love better than mysteries set in small towns with fun characters and an ideal setting. Author Elizabeth Penny has started this series off great, with a murder mystery and the introduction of fun, interesting characters that engage the reader with twists and turns and a fun cat named Quincy.

The small village of Blueberry Cove, Maine is the setting where Iris Buckley and her Grand-Mother Anne have decided to open a new shop called Ruffles & Bows. Iris has been selling aprons online and has had great success and now they have the ideal place in town to open up a shop. The town is doing really good these days and they want to have the shop open by Memorial Day weekend when all the tourists show up. They rent the shop from Elliot, their neighbor, who has wanted to buy some of Anne’s land for years now but she will not sell.

Iris gets the keys and goes to the shop to meet Ian (someone she went to high school with ten years ago and is attracted to), who will be helping her fix it up as it needs a lot of work before they can open. In the basement as they go to check the fuse box they find a dead body. It’s been there since 1972 and Anne recognizes the body of an old friend Star that disappeared back then. The police are on the case but not much to go on. Anne remembers back to those days and tells everything she knew. Star was among them and a group that hung out all the time and then she was gone.

And then another day later Elliot is found dead in the shop. Anne finds his body and is considered a suspect since she has argued with him just a few days before. Iris gets on the case and starts investigating on her own and soon finds clues that can lead to who might be responsible for the murders and soon finds herself in danger when she figures out who the killer is and might not be able to open her shop if she can’t escape this danger.

You can pick up Hems & Homicide in stores on Tuesday, December 31st from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

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