Book Review: ‘Handsome Johnny: The Life And Death Of Johnny Rosselli Gentleman Gangster, Hollywood Producer, CIA Assassin’ Is A Great Look At His Life

Ever wonder what the live of a mafia guy is like? Well know you can find out in Lee Server’s great new book Handsome Johnny. It’s a great look at the life of Johnny Rosselli and what’s it’s like to be in the mafia. For more than 50 years his name was known. He was on top of the heap and was also at the bottom. His life was threaten and he was used to bring down people.

His whole life wasn’t always the mob. He got in trouble at a young age and got a fake ID and fled his family in Massachusetts and made his way to Chicago and Al Capone and Frank Nitti and the mob. Then he made it to California to oversee things there with Jack Dragna.

Soon he got involved in Hollywood and making movies and bedding starlets and an extortion plan against the studios. He served in the army until he was arrested racketeering. He was paroled after 3 years on a 10 year sentence and went back to Hollywood for a while then he went to Vegas and got the city off and running. He would hang with the biggest stars of the day there.

Then in the 60’s got involved in the plot to overthrow Castro, which failed. He was also investigated for a plot tied to killing Kennedy. He ultimately disappeared until his body was found years later in an unlikely place.

These are just some of the highlights of the book. There’s so many great stories and his life is told from the beginning up to the end. Author Lee Server has done his homework on Handsome Johnny and no stone is left un-turned. It’s a fascinating look the the mob, it’s influence, it’s muscle and some of the biggest names of the day that were involved with the Mafia whether they wanted to be or not. One thing for sure is Johnny Rosselli didn’t lead a boring life.,

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, November 13 from St. Martin’s Press. Click below to buy a copy.

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