Book Review: ‘Grown-Up Pose: A Novel’ By Sonya Lalli

Anu Desai is 30 years old and ready to be on her own. She was always the good girl growing up in her Indian family and becoming a nurse. She married the right man when she was young and has a daughter. Now years later it’s not enough. She needs to figure out who she is. She asks her husband to move out and begins to date again. Of course this doesn’t make her parents happy.

She takes off to London for a trip and then shocks everyone when she buys a yoga studio and she doesn’t know anything about running a business. She starts to experience everything new. Dating, one night stands and heartbreak. She basically has re-started her life and now must deal with everything she never experienced before. Will she be able to handle it all?

Author Sonya Lalli has written a heart-warming story about a woman who wants to experience it all. The character of Anu is well-written and you root for her on the journey she takes, wanting her to succeed

You can pick up Grown-Up Pose in stores on Tuesday, March 24th from Berkley.

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