Book Review: ‘Good Rich People: A Novel’ By Eliza Jane Brazier

Lyla is married to her rich husband Graham and they live in a beautiful house in Los Angeles on a hill. On top of them is his even richer mother in a mansion. Below them is a guest house they let women stay in that have successful life stories. Graham and his mom like to play games with them and ruin their lives and they never suspect it’s coming. Graham is basically bored with life and this is way to have some fun. The newest woman to move in has a high-paying job at a tech company. Before she can move in something tragic happens and Demi, a homeless woman takes her place not knowing what she’s about to get herself involved in. Lyla is tasked with playing the game this time and taking Demi out, something she doesn’t want to do, but has to or she could be gone from this marriage. It all leads to Graham’s 30th birthday party and a shocking game that will have one of these ladies in jail but will bond the women together. The synopsis of this book had me intrigued to read it. It didn’t quite lead up to what I thought it would be but the shocking twists and the end saves the novel.

You can pick up Good Rich People in stores on Tuesday, January 25th from Berkley.

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