Book Review: ‘Foul Play: A Stone Barrington Novel’ By Stuart Woods

There’s nothing better than getting a package, opening it and finding out it’s the next Stone Barrington novel. How I love these books every three months. The latest is another fun novel with Stone once again in the thick of things. He’s on his way to his house for a meeting when he sees a man being beat up and he jumps in and help and it turns out to be his client Shepherd Troutman. He finds out he’s new to the city, newly rich from selling his families company and has no idea why he was jumped. Then Shepherd is attacked again in central park. As Stone does some digging he finds out that there was something about the company sale that was not right and the people that bought it want something that was they think was suppose to be included in the sale. So Stone has to wisk off Shep to a hiding place and they hope to defuse the situation but it soon puts his life and that of Shep in further danger. Stone also is having time for sex with Holly and asks her an important question. He also meets another alluring woman and Stone being Stone is soon bedding her. And Stone soon learns of a windfall coming his way. Another solid novel that furthers some stories for down the road and keeps the action high as you read along. And I see two more books already on the schedule so no end in site for our man Stone.

You can pick up Foul Play in stores on Tuesday, October 5th form Putnam.

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