Book Review: ‘Forever Nerdy’ By Brian Posehn Is A Great Look At His Life

Brian Pesehn may not be a household name but you’ve seen him in many things including The Sarah Silverman Show and The Big Bang Theory as Bert. He’s a comedian, a husband and a father. And now he’s an author telling his story in his great new book about his life.

He’s a Nerd and proudly embraces it. He was born a tall baby to tall parents and he himself is 6 feet 7 (a tall family). His mom was a nerd and he goes into great detail about nerdiness and love of Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, Heavy Metal and his love and hate of KISS and other metal bands. He talks about his school years, bullying, girls and how he got into comedy. Metting his wife and the birth of his son.

The book is full of great stories told in only a way that Brian can tell them. He’s honest and holds nothing back in recalling his life. Some celeb bios can be boring and just I was born, I did this and here is where I am now. Not Brain. There are some lol moments and intriguing stories.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, October 23rd.

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