Book Review: ‘Fire And Vengeance: A Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery’ By Robert McCaw

Chief Detective Koa Kane is back for his third Hawaiian adventure in Robert McCaw’s new book Fire And Vengeance. Koa is the acting chief at the moment and a disaster has taken place. A school has blown up killing students and teachers. He’s on the scene trying to help rescue people. He’s put in charge of the investigation. Seems the school was built on the site of volcanic vent and never should have been built or approved on this location.

Koa starts his investigation and learns who owned the property before it was sold, who was the developer, architect and who at the state level would have approved it. He soon has major suspects and some of them are turning up dead. Then he learns of a hit-man who has a list of people associated with the school being built and it also has his name on it. As they research everyone it turns up on old case from the 70’s at college involving the people he suspects today. He soon devises a plan to get the goods once and for all on who is responsible for the school tragedy, the shootings, the killings and the case from the 70’s. And it involves a shocking figure.

He also has a situation with his brother, who is hear to testify in a court case before going back to jail. He collapses and is found to have a brain tumor and rushed to surgery. It may help explain his actions and Koa is doing everything he can to help him and maybe get him freed.

Another great thrilling Hawaiian novel with a great character in Koa, a man with a heart of gold, who tries to do what’s right by people. The story starts off strong and is a great ride until the climactic ending.

You can pick up Fire And Vengeance in stores on Tuesday, 7th.

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