Book Review: ‘Find Me Gone: A Novel’ By Sarah Meuleman

The past and the present collide with a shocking twist ending in Sarah Meuleman’s new novel Find Me Gone. Sophie and Hannah were best friends growing up. Hannah had it good while Sophie’s life was anything but. She had a drunk mother and her father wasn’t around much. Yet they were still friends and would always be together. In 1996 there was string of missing girls until the case was solved and everyone was on edge in the Belgian city of Bachte-Maria-Leerne.

Flash forward to 2014 and Hannah lives in New York City and is a very successful columnist for a fashion magazine and has a hot boyfriend. After a personal tragedy and tired of her life, she leaves her boyfriend and quits her job and moves to a crappy little apartment in Brooklyn and her old life. She decides to write a novel on three famous female authors, who all had issues with their lives. As she tries to write this book memories of her past life in Belgium with Sophie and things that happen make her think back to those days.

We get flashbacks to what really happened back then with the two girls and big secret of something that happened to them. They say secrets never stay buried and when we find out what it is and how the two girls are linked today, we get twist you won’t see coming.

I have to admit I am usually good at figuring things out but this one got me. A well written story of two girls and how their past shaped how they are today.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, October 23rd, from Harper.

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