Book Review: ‘Final Option’ Is The Next Thrilling Oregon Files Novel

Book number 14 in the Oregon Files series is a thrilling ride right up to the climatic ending of the novel. For Juan Cabrillo and the crew of Oregon it will be a matter of live and death. Juan’s ex CIA partner Tate, who he had arrested and thrown in jail for betraying his country. Now Tate has a ship just like Juan’s and is setting Juan up to take the fall for what he’s doing to other ships.

It leads to trying to find a German ship missing since the first war that contains a sonic device that can make people go crazy when launched. It takes both ships to the Amazon and then to Chile where a final, deadly showdown will take place between Juan and Tate, the will forever change the future of the Oregon Files novels.

Another great novel in the series that is a thrill ride right from the beginning and takes the reader on a ride that you don’t want to get off until you see how it ends. I can’t wait for the next chapter in this series after what happens to end this one.

Final Option is in stores now.

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