Book Review: ‘Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone: A Novel’ By Benjamin Stevenson

Ernie Cunningham is the narrator, and star of this book. He kicks it off by saying ‘everyone in my family has killed someone.’ Three years ago his younger brother Michael called him in a panic, he said he killed someone. He actually didn’t but could have saved the guy, who had $267,000 on him. Ernie ended up calling the police, and testifying against him, and also kept the money. Now three years later, a family reunion at a ski resort, brings Michael back to the family. And there a dead body is found in the snow. And Michael and the family are prime suspects in the case. Ernie recalls past events with the family, and how they got to this point in their lives, and it’s one twist after another. There’s a reason HBO picked up the rights to the book last year, before it was even released here., it’s an awesome, well-written book, that keeps you reading along. It’s one of those books you don’t want to put down. Hopefully HBO will do it justice.

You can pick up Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone in stores on Tuesday, January 17th from Mariner (Harper Collins).

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