Book Review: ‘Every Last Secret’ Is Breathtakingly Nerve-Racking

When Neena’s infatuation escalates into obsession, it’s just a matter of eliminating a few obstacles to get the life she wants. The life next door. As Neena’s secret fixation grows, so does her friendship with Cat. But beneath their cordial interactions is a wealth of temptations, secrets, and toxic jealousy.

‘Every Last Secret’ is a well-composed tale that paints the lives and loves of rich, wealthy men and women. It also describes the picture of those who are not rich or have status but so desperately want it. Two couples meet head-on and this is where the fun begins. Author A.R. Torre must have met these characters in real life as you can’t make them up! There are those born with the silver spoon in their mouths, and those who want the spoon.

As Neena Ryder looks at her neighbor Cat Winthorpe, and her sexy and handsome alpha male husband William, who just happens to be Neena’s boss, she is determined to put everything she has in front of him. She is more than certain she can seduce him and secure status and wealth for herself by doing so. When she looks at her husband Matt, an overweight and clumsy bumpkin, she sees only one redeeming quality; he adores her and would do anything for her but she has absolutely no compunction about his future!

Gradually, the couples become closer and the thoughts and feelings are, to put it mildly, toxic. Neena has no idea what she is unleashing on herself and you will be breathless, waiting to turn the page as the story, and tension builds. ‘Every Last Secret’ is brilliantly told and the four central characters are so real, they take your breath away. The working of the human mind when danger is threatening is remarkable when one wants with desperation, and when one is determined to keep what she has, all hell breaks loose! It was scary in part as you ask yourself, “could two women risk everything for money?” You’ll have to read it yourself if you want to find out! A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read.

Available in Bookstores December 1st

Ann McDonald

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