Book Review: ‘Echoes Of The Dead: A Tracker Novel’ By Spencer Kope

Steps and Jimmy are two of the best ‘trackers’ in the world. They seem to be able to find people that others have a hard time finding. And now they have been called to help find 4 friends who are away on a fly-fishing trip. Included in the trip is a US Congressman. Steps is known for seeing shines, which are the aura of people that have touched things. Along with Diane, who is usually the brains of the team, they start tracking down the missing men and find someone has a twisted mind. They find the three of the men, not all alive and start to track the fourth man, who has an agenda he is trying to fulfill. These novels are really well-written and great to read, with interesting characters who have a great chemistry together. This is book four in the series and it’s as good as book number one.

You can pick up Echoes Of The Dead in stores on Tuesday, October 5th from Minotaur Books.

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