Book Review: ‘Drive’ By John Nuckel Is A Good Start To His New Volunteers Series

A secret group call the Volunteers is created with Teddy Roosevelt in the late 1890’s. They are created to take care of bad situations that go above the federal agencies. Only a select handful of people know about the group and are part of it. The group has continued to this day. And now a new threat from a Chinese hacker on the run looking to take out American’s top hacker has created a new situation the the Volunteers must take care of.

New York police officer Annie Falcone is recruited and told she will be on a mission right away. Her father has been part of the group for years. She’s told it’s a cut and dry deal for one day not being told that there’s a backup plan that could cost her life. She just has to protect Hank from Sheng. A plan is been put into place and should go easy. But there’s another plan in place by Sheng and then it becomes a battle to see who will win out and who will survive at the end.

A good start to a new series from author John Nuckel. A well paced story with good characters and a lot of action. It’s also a small book at just 227 pages with no useless action or dialogue. The story flows quickly and before you know it the story is over. My kind of easy read. I am looking forward to more stories in the series.

It’s available in stores Tuesday, March 6.

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