Book Review: ‘Dragonfly’ Is One Of The Best Books Of The Summer

Drgaonfly is one of those books you cannot put down. It’s set during WWII when five brave, young Americans are asked by their country to go undercover in France to help the fight against the Germans. It could be a suicide mission if any of them are uncovered as a spy. And the story starts out asking the question of did one of them who was assumed dead after their cover was blown might actually be still alive.

Three men and two women from different states with different backgrounds receive mysterious letters asking them to call a phone number for an assignment. They all call and all are told what they are being asked to do and all agree to it. They instantly bond as a group, get quick training and new names and backgrounds. They also get code names. They’re told what they will be doing and how to do and are each airdropped into France to start their assignments. At first everything is going according to plans for them. Their covers are believed and they make sure to not draw attention to themselves.

As the days go on though little things happen to each of them that starts to draw suspicion on each of them. They are careful if they ever have to meet as a group. Soon though the suspicions on them grow and they are now under surveillance and being scrutinized by various different people. More and more mistakes are happening until they are finally figured out and one member has been marked for death by firing squad.

The days are getting closer to the allies invading Normandy and the war being over. For one member of the group named Dragonfly it may be too late.

A masterpiece of story-telling with greatly written characters during one of the world’s worst times with five brave Americans who put country over their own lives. The story follows all five from before they were recruited to them signing up to what happens to them during their time in France and after for those who make it out alive. The way it is written and researched it makes the reader feel like they are their with these five people on their journey. I can’t say enough good things about this novel.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, July 9th from Grand Central. And if in Dallas come meet her.

Highland Park United Methodist Church

3300 Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, TX 75205

Wednesday, July 17 – 7:00 PM

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