Book Review: ‘Death In Kew Gardens’ Is The Next Thrilling Below Stairs Mystery

Author Jennifer Ashley is back with her third book in the Below Stairs series. The stories center around Kat Holloway who runs the kitchen for the rich folks upstairs in Victorian England in 1881. The maids, cooks, butler etc…are referred to the people that work for households below stairs.

This time Sir Jacob who lives next door is found murdered in his bedroom. One of the suspects is a Chinese man named Li Bai Chang, who Kat had met a few days before when she bumped into him. He came and gave her some tea and was in the area at the time of the death. Kat doesn’t believe he had anything to with it. So she, Cynthia (one of the upstairs people) who is friends with Kat, Daniel and Tess decide to investigate on their own. They have numerous suspects and soon it leads to a daring conclusion that takes them to Kew Gardens and the killer.

Another side story is the hiring of a new housekeeper Mrs. Daley to oversee the books and drives Kat to give her notice and a battle of wills ensues and either Kat or Mrs. Daley will have to go.

Another fun novel in the series. I have become a big fan of these novels. The characters are great (especially Cynthia), the stories are fun, the Victoria setting works great for these stories and they have a lot of fun LOL moments. A great series to look forward to every year.

You can pick up Death In Kew Gardens in stores on Tuesday, June 4th from Berkley Prime Crime.

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