Book Review: ‘Death By Beach Read: A Lighthouse Library Mystery’ By Eva Gates

The ninth book in the series is another fun mystery in the small town of Nags Hill with Lucy the librarian and her fiance, the mayor of Nags Head, Connor McNeil. They have bought a beach house, that needs a lot of work. They’ve done enough so that they can live there now, along with their cat Charlie, the library cat. While Connor is away, Lucy and Charlie hear noises but don’t see anyone. Then when Connor is back and Lucy goes to the kitchen, she finds a dead body, the twin brother of the man who sold the house to them, who has been missing for years. Lucy soon learns secrets about the house and about the ‘ghost’ that might haunt the house. Lucy decides to investigate the murder (something she’s done in the previous books) and put the past of this house behind her. Fans of the series will be happy with this novel.

You can pick up Death By Beach Read in stores on Tuesday, June 7th from Crooked Lane.

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