Book Review: ‘Daughters Of The Occupation: A Novel Of WWII’ By Shelly Sanders

A great historical fiction novel based on real life events during WWII, find one family in two different decades coming to terms with secrets, featuring three different women, who all make sacrifices. In 1940 as she goes into labor, Miriam Talen, a jewish woman and her husband Max are on the way to the hospital, as Miriam is in labor. That same time the Russian army is invading Riga and Latvia. They will be in control until the Germans invade and take over and start killing the Jews. Miriam is able to get her housekeeper to take her two kids and change their idenity to save them, as the rest of her family is killed.

Chicago in 1975 and Sarah Byrnes is mourning the death of her mother Ilana, who was one of Miriam’s children. Sarah soon learns shocking secrets from Miriam that have been kept buried since she survived WWII and got to America. Now Sarah wants the truth about her uncle and secret son of Miriam that she never knew about. She goes to Russia on a tourist visit but starts asking questions she knows she shouldn’t ask. It’s Russia in 1976 and these things are not allowed. She soon finds herself in trouble and has to rely on one person she should have never trusted.

If you’re a fan of this genre, this book will be right up your alley. You can pick up Daughters Of The Occupation in stores on May 3rd from Harper.

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