Book Review: ‘Dark Horse: An Orphan X Novel’ By Gregg Hurwitz

The ending of the last book was Evan’s penthouse apartment being bombed and now six months later we learn that Evan escapted and has for the most part repaired his apartment. It’s now time for his alter ego The Nowhere Man to help someone in need. This time it’s a South Texas drug lord named Aragon, whose 18 year-old daughter Angelina has been kidnapped at her birthday party by a rival, big-time Mexican cartel. Evan agrees to try and rescue her and he soon learns about the bigtime drugs deals and shipments going on from the Mexicans and even manages to blow some up. He has to get himself in the good graces and work from inside to rescue Angelina, which isn’t easy as the compound is a fortress, with lots of guards and security measures. It will be the toughest rescue he has ever attempted. On top of that he has to deal with Joey, who is 16 and like a daughter to him and he finds out Mia, from his apartment building, who he cares about has a medical condition and he wants to be there for her and Peter, her 9 year-old son. It all builds to a stunning showdown for the Nowhere Man. And as author Gregg Hurwitz always does in his book, the ending will set up the next novel. This is the seventh novel in the series and it’s as good as the first six. Not one of these books has been bad. Hurwitz has a way of writing action adventure, shoot-up scenes like no other author. This one keeps you on the edge of your seat (like all his books do).

You can pick up Dark Horse in stores on Tuesday, February 8th from Minotaur Books.

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