Book Review: ‘Dark August: A Novel’ By Katie Tallo

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

A 20 year old woman named Augusta Monet, nickname Gus, has to deal with the past and in the process puts her life in danger.

Gus is living an aimless life with her boyfriend, who works for an exporting company, but is dealing in illegal things. She gets a phone call in the middle of the night that her Great Grandmother has passed away. She went to live with her for a short time after her cop mother died when she was young. Her Grandmother shipped her off to a boarding school.

Now she heads back to Canada and has inherited everything. She has mixed emotions about it all. She’s reunited with her old dog Levi. She finds not much in the estate except for the big house, which has a reverse mortgage and will need to be sold. Gus starts thinking about her Mother and the past and then discovers her mother’s old cold case she was working on in a trunk in the basement.

Gus decides she’s going to follow the case and see if she can figure out what happened all those years ago. She soon gets warnings to back off but keeps investigating. She finds clues and evidence and someone decides she’s getting to close and taks action. Gus also finds she’s been left a shocking letter at the post office and someone wants what’s in the envelope. Gus thinks she can trust the people around her but she can’t and she discovers shocking evidence that someone is willing to kill her for.

A solid thriller with a determined strong female character in Gus. Twists and turns and flashbacks keep the reader engaged throughout the story, right up to the climatic reveal.

You can pick up Dark August in stores on Tuesday, June 30th from Harper.