Book Review: ‘Criminal Mischief: A Stone Barrington Novel’ By Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington meets a woman at the bar and next thing you know he’s in bed with her. He soon learns she has invested her money with a man, Victor Zanian, who has a bad rep and is most likely running a ponzi scam. He tells her she should get her money out fast. He meets a second woman, who he beds, who also has money with Victor and a mean ex-husband, who is not happy with Stone. As the FBI takes aim on Victor, he is seen leaving the country and in RIO. Stone soon learns he never went to RIO and now is on his tail and helping the FBI capture him and get a $10 million dollar reward. He teams up with a beautiful FBI agent and together they track him to the middle east and have an adventure trying to capture him and bring him back to the United States. This is another fun novel featuring Stone, Dino and the beautiful women Stone always seems to get. The adventures take him to Hawaii and the Middle East and take us on quite the adventure. Never a dull moment with Stone and his friends.

You can pick up Criminal MIschief in stores on Tuesday, December 28th from Putnam.

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